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Our Accomplishments throughout the years, since 2005.

Our list of Accomplishments are so well recevied by our community, that we will continue to create more wonderful and educational events coming in 2020.

Homestead Museum hosted the first BOYLE HEIGHTS HISTORICAL SOCIETY meeting, along with a tour of the Homestead Museum by historian Mr. Paul Spitzzeri
The Historical Hollenbeck Home welcomed us for our second meeting, which also included a tour of the beautiful home, the Ice Cream Palor and the skline view of Down Town Los Angeles from the Palor.
The historical Santa Fe Hospital known as the Buena Vista Lofts hosted our 4th meeting with a tour leading up to the rooftop where you can see Hollenbeck Park. This hospital was built to accommodate the families who worked at the Sata Fe Railroad Company.
This is the year that we also participated in the first Annual Parade along with the newly formed Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council, and invited descendats of founding membrs of Boyle Heights to participate.
To honor our Fallen Veterans who have served our country, we would place a reef of flowers at the Five Points Veteran Memorial. Five Points has provided 24 Hour Patriotic Vigil Watch, every few minutes they would stand at the memorial.
We have also landmarked the historical Cummings Hotel and Simon Gless Farmhouse.
We hosted a book signing with Georja Skinner entitled "The Christmas House", named after her late father who had contracted polio and was confimed to an iron lung for a period of time and promised our community to open his home for Christmas. In doing so, he invited everyone to his home which is located at 919 Mathews Street to view all the Christmas decoration and provided real snow for everyone to play in. The home is no longer standing, due to a fire that someone started by tossing their cigarette and burned it down. The LATIMES also wrote an article about "The Christmas House" and a book has also been written about the "The Christmas House", which is the only way to keep this house and the memories alive.
We have conducted many Book Signings and not to mention the most amazing "Coffe and Conversations" events with historians of Boyle Heights.
Conducted tours of historical entities in Boyle Heights throughout the years and partnered with the Los Angeles Conservancy, City of Los Angeles and SurveyLA for a Special Community Tour.
We participated in the Boyle Heights Annual Parade bringing special dignitaries and descendants of the founding
families if Boyle Heights to participate in this major community events.
Prepared landmark applications for two wonderful historical buildings: Cummings/Boyle Hotel and the Simon Francois Gless Farmhouse.
This was the first year we held our Christmas Party, hosted by Mr and Mrs. John Yoani presented a lovely Tea Party at the historic home of the late Councilman Blanchard, and the Neighborhood Music School provided the music. Everyone that attended where dressed in period fashion from the past, and had a wonderful time.
We presented our Speical Historical Exhibit with images and essays from 1850 through 1900, at the Heritage Square Museim, Occidental College and the Breed Street Shul.
Partnered with Little Tokyo Historical Society to present the Tanabata Festival, held here in Boyle Heights at Mariachi Plaza.
This was our first year hosting our Annual Hisotry Day, which included poetry, music, guest speakers and displayed a collection of historical photos.
This was a celebration and tribute to comedian Lou Costello for building the Lou Costello Jr. Recreation Center in our community.
A reintroduction of historical gourps: Oscar Eagle and the Estrada Courts Muralist.
Presentations of the early history of Boyle Heights and the historical aspects have been held at the Hollenbeck Palms
We also recognized Oscar Eagle and the artists who created the original murals at the Estrada Courts Housing Development. We honored and thanked Mike Duran for his work with troubled youth. A celebration with music provided by the famous group"Chico" provided entertainment inside the recreation center.
Our Thired Annual History Day, was hosted by the Breed Street Shul, honoring Mollie Wilson Murphy. Her involvement with her Japanese friends during WWII, where she corresponded with them while they were interned in concentration camps. Her letters were donated to the Japanese Natinal Museum for everyone to read. We partnershiped with Little Tokyo Historical Society, with many historian panelists discuss the early development of the first Japaneses Hospital in Boyle Heights.
We presented a book signing by Catherine Kurland entiled "Hotel Mariachi". Catherine is a descendent of the Lopez Family, the founding members of Boyle Heights who lived at Paredon Blanco in the 1800's, known today as Boyle Avenue, which is listed as a Historic District in SurveyLA. There is also a documentary of her family and hosted at the historic Los Angeles Internatinal Institute
In partnership with Little Tokyo in landmarking the first Japanese Hospital in Boyle Heights.
Our Forth Annual History Day horning the Birth of Boyle Heights, celebrating 140 Year Anniversary, which was held at the Boyle Heights Senior Citzen building.
This was our first year along with so many other historical societies at the annual Archive Bazar, held at the USC campus.
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