In order to understand your role in history today look back at the past, your past, your family history, your state history and your country’s history.

Wherever our ancestors came from before they started a new life in California, before they built their future families they already had a history. Global turmoil and chaos in anyone’s country of origin will scatter people across the globe. It is happening today and it has happened historically.

Read and Learn.

Read and take your place in History.

Your history matters.

Share your stories.

Leave your message to share with future generations.

We learn from one another.

I hope we learn to understand one another and stop pointing out our respective differences and focus on what we have in common.

Love of family, creating lasting friendships, knowing our neighbors and maintaining or building a sense of community throughout Los Angeles and throughout our great state of California.

- Diana Ybarra, Founding President, Boyle Heights Historical Society


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